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Academy Home Developments is a quality home builder in South West Florida. Offering fully designed homes and constructing new custom homes for clients, we are a service first company who focus on contemporary lifestyle needs, modern day architectural trends and quality standards being practiced in Florida. We work hard to instill in our construction all the above elements to provide an all-accommodating home to our clients.

Roofers at Work


Academy Home Developments has a vision of:

"Providing quality new homes and changing the building experience through creative and quality real estate in Florida.’

We are working to impart the touch of creative design and quality construction in our projects changing the building experiences observed in Florida today. Our focus is to make the industry more innovative and strong in the coming years improving the Florida lifestyle.


Academy Home Developments is working with goals of:

‘Helping customers design and build their dream homes while making the process enjoyable and budget friendly for everyone.’

Our goal is to provide optimized construction solutions in order to maximize the value of your investment in achieving your desired results.



We are a team of hard working professionals, artful artisans, creative designers, sensible managers and competent workers who work hard to build quality projects optimizing the budget constraints while maximizing the value of your investment.

Reliable and Committed

We maintain a strong sense of commitment with our clients; which drives us to meet the timelines, complete our goals, and stay organized in every situation which makes us a reliable entity to trust.

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