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Conex Duplexes

Duplex Designs

Living Area: 1,200 sqft. Total Area: 1,722 sqft.

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Friendly to the Environment

The environmental benefit of shipping container construction is clear. A typical home made from shipping containers can use around five-8 units (containers), giving a new lease of life to around 17,000 kg of steel. Each dwelling made from shipping containers effectively repurposes steel and reduces the carbon footprint by upcycling materials. Estimates have measured that around 400,000 shipping containers are abandoned every year around the globe. That’s a lot of homes that can be built…and we are working on that.

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Conex container construction is taking off in a big way. This method of construction boasts an excellent building material and has seen its popularity grow in Florida real estate and several other southern states across the US.

There are many advantages regarding shipping container construction over traditional methods of home building. The durability and robust nature of shipping container construction is often overlooked.

Tough, Strong and Durable

Conex containers have always been made with toughness at the forefront of its design. After all, it must endure long trips over rough seas and protect its cargo from all the elements it will have thrown at them. There is no doubt that when this material is reborn into a home it will easily handle even the most violent natural weather conditions. Anyone working in Florida real estate will know all about inclement weather conditions, and how this can affect the toughness of the building against hurricanes, thunder storms and high temperatures.

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Quick to Build

The finished assembly of shipping container construction is easily completed in a fraction of the time of traditional construction methods. Many designs being concluded in less than 90 days, this includes the foundations, delivery, positioning and finishes. When the containers are delivered they come typically complete with impact windows installed and many interior finishes roughed in. This is why is takes so little time to go from delivery to occupancy than it would for a traditional house.

Unique Style

There is no doubt that shipping container construction raises much discussion among the Florida real estate community, as it should. Anything that is revolutionary and changes the norm of how things are done currently makes people consider their options.

Some established homes using the shipping container construction concept have cladded their façade in wood panelling, stucco, stone or siding. This makes it look far more customizable, while maintaining its unique strength and durability. Many of these designs are being built with deferred maintenance in mind. Many our models come with secondary cement poured roof for more insulation and lifetime worry free maintenance, Impact windows and doors for storm protection and many more upgrades.

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